Offline browser to visit websites offline

Offline browser to visit websites offline

With offline browser you will be able to visit any websites very easily even if you are offline. You can work offline at any place without the worry that what content you need to save, as the whole content of the website is with you. Many times it happens that you need to visit a website many time. So its better to download the website and visit it when ever you want. Advantages are that you will be able to save some Internet data charges and you can access the content even if there is not internet connection. Although there are many offline browsers tools available but I have come across with these Five tools. You can download and configure in you Windows OS and other OS like Linux and MAC. Lets see some of the best offline browser that I came across.

1.HTTrack Website Copier

It can download the entire websites in a separate folder. Later, you can visit those websites offline by just browsing those folders. The downloaded website will be the complete mirror of the real website. When browsing the website from the folder you will feel as if you are browsing online. All the links and sub-links will also included with the download. HTTrack Website Copier is well supported in Windows XP, 2000, 7, vista  and many flabours of Linux. See the FAQ about this tool To download click here

2.Cyotek WebCopy

With Cyotek WebCopy you can do partial or full copy of any website. If there are any links, images exist in the website it will also get automatically remapped. It is one of the best tool to download content of any website on to your computer machine. When downloading, it examines all the resources present in the website such as images, video, links,pages,style sheet etc. and downloads the entire content on to the mentioned path. However, it cannot download the source code of the website. See its Document before you download. Its a complete free tool and you can download it from here Cyotek WebCopy

3.Hooeey Webprint

It is really a cool offline  save tool or you can say offline browser. You definitely going to like its User interface and speed. User interface is very user friendly. It is infact a background application, which saves all the sites you visit. Hooeey Webprint automatically stores the images and contents in a folder  while  you visit the site. There are some added features, but you need to pay some amount for this. See its FAQ. To download visit Hooeey Webprint

4.WebAssistantProxy Offline Browser

Its a little different browser. silently copies all the sites you visit, all the links you click, it stores all the information behind your back. The good thing about this tool is that you don't have to manually instruct it to download the website. It comes with two edition one Private and another Professional. Private edition is fully free with limited features. Professional edition comes with extended features and you need to pay some amount for this edition. See its FAQ. Download WebAssistantProxy Offline Browser from here.


WebReaper is supported in browser like Internet Explorer, Netscape, Opera etc. In WebReaper you just need to provide the URL of the website, then click  Go, the whole website, all the pages including the web content of its links and sub-links will get downloaded on to your hard disk. You can also manually configure the tool to filter what you want to download and what not. Next time when you visit the saved site offline , it doesn't appear you are visiting the site offline. See its FAQ. It can be downloaded from WebReaper download

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