Installing WordPress on Bluehost-How to

Installing WordPress on Bluehost-How to

Here I would be discussing about Installing WordPress on Bluehost. Yes, Bluehost because it is one of the best Webhosting company I believe. I am saying it because I personally experienced it. WordPress is one of the best platform for blogging. With WordPress you will be getting many themes free to setup your website and most importantly it is very easy installing WordPress on Bluehost. Even Bluehost recommends WordPress . Lets see how to setup WordPress on Bluehost. Here I am assuming that you already have a Domain name and Bluehost web hosting.  

Step: 1

1. First of all you need is to download WordPress on your computer, so Open  website and click on Download WordPress. The latest version of WordPress archive file will be downloaded on your computer.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

2. Now extract the file in the folder by right clicking on the folder and choosing Extract here.  

Step: 2

Note: In this procedure(Installing WordPress on Bluehost) you are going to create database, username and password, please note down everything while you are creating.  

1.  Open the Bluehost Controlpanel, Login with the username and password.

2. Your Bluehost Controlpanel page opens up, now click on Mysql Databases

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

3. When the new page opens up look for the heading Create New Database. You have to put here the desired name of the database you want to create, then click Create Database.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost


4. Once the database is created, click Go Back.  

5. Now you have to create a username for your database. In the same page where you have created the database, just below you will see a heading Add a New User, under it give a username, password and click on Create a User.


Installing WordPress on Bluehost

6. When it is done you need to add the user to the database you have earlier created. Go below in the same page  then under User click the drop down menu, you will see the user you created and under Database select the database you created, and then click on Add. Now you have successfully add the user to the database.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost  

Step: 3

In this step you have to make some changes with your WordPress file. I hope the whole directory is stored in your computer.

1. I am assuming here that you have already extracted your WordPress zip folder. Open the folder and find wp-config-sample.php file. Just change the file name to wp-config.php.

2. Now the important part comes, open wp-config.php with any of the editor you are using. I myself used Wordpad  :-)    Well you can use Wordpad or Notepad++ .

3. Find the following line in you wp-config.php file   define(‘DB_NAME’, ‘database_name_here’); define(‘DB_USER’, ‘username_here’); define(‘DB_PASSWORD’, ‘password_here’);   Then change the ‘database_name_here’, ‘username_here’, ‘password_here’ with the 'your Bluehost database name' , 'Your Bluehost database username' , 'your Bluehost database password' respectively.  

4. Now convert the WordPress folder to zip again with right clicking and add to archive option. Make sure to be in .zip format  

Step: 4

1. Open your Bluehost controlpanel (You may have got the Control panel link in your mail id from Bluehost).

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

2. Now enter your User id and Password which has been provided by Bluehost in your mail id and Login.

3. Control panel page opens up. You will be able to see many icons there. Each of the icons has its own own feature. Here, you will have to look for File Manager option.

Installing WordPress on Bluehost

Click on File Manager option.

4. A dialog will open, select the option Web Root and from the drop down select your domain name(if you have more than one domain name hosted on Bluehost). Click Go.

installing wordpress on bluehost

5. Wait for the new page to open. Now you can see a new page where you have to upload the entire webpage.


installing wordpress on bluehostas you have selected the option Web Root earlier, so the public_html is default selected here. Now click on the Upload option at the top of the page.

6. Again a new page opens up.

installing wordpress on bluehost

Bowse for your changed folder on your computer and upload it. Now extract the uploaded folder on the server. When it fully extracted, delete the .zip folder.

Step: 5

No I believe that you have successfully uploaded the file. Go to the URL bar and type You will come up with a new screen, here you need to fill in the title of the site, username, password and email id. Then click Install WordPress. Congratulation! everything is done now , Now you know the way of  installing WordPress on Bluehost. You will be able to login with the username and password you provided. For login use the URL   You may also like Domain-name-how-to-choose-and-decide


Did you like this article? If you face any problem while installing WordPress on Bluehost feel free to contact me.


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