How to import your Gmail in Thunder bird

How to import your Gmail in Thunder bird

If you ask me why use Mozilla Thunder bird ? why not other email client ? I would say that it has the three most desirable combined feature which no other email client has. Mozilla Thunder bird is  fast, extensible and free(Open Source). Before I proceed to show you how to import your Gmail mails in Thunder bird email client, I want you to be clear about the two terms that we will be using in this tutorial frequently, they are.

1) Thunder bird

What is Thunder bird?

Thunder bird is an open source email client. If you are using an Operating system like Windows, Linux or MAC, you will be able to use Thunder bird on your system. With the help of this you can receive, send and manage your emails on your desktop.


What is IMAP?

IMAP stands for  Internet Message Access Protocol. It is an email client protocol to retrieve mails from mail server. IMAP allows management of your emails from many email clients.   Now lets see how to import your emails in Thunder bird email client. You need to do some settings.


Configure Your Gmail

1.  Go to your Gmail and login with your username and password.

2. Go to the extreme top-right. Right click on the wrench button then choose settings.

Thunder bird

3. When a new window opens, select Forwarding and POP/IMAP. Then under IMAP Access select Enable IMAP. Save the settings after you made these changes.


Thunder bird


Now you are done with your Gmail setting. Lets see how to configure the Thunder bird.

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Configure your Thunder bird

I am assuming here that the Thunder bird is already downloaded and installed on your system.
1.  Open Thunder bird and click on Email icon.


Thunder bird


2. As you already have a Gmail id. So here you don't need to create a new one. Click on  the tab  'Skip this and use my existing email'.

Thunder bird


3. Now you are about to set up your mail account in Thunder bird. In the new window you will have three empty fields to fill up. Give any name you want in 'Your name field',  enter your Gmail email address in  'Email address'  field,  in the password field enter the password you want to use for the mail account in Thunder bird. Now click on Continue button. See the image below for your better reference.


Thunder bird


  4. After you click the continue,  a new  window opens up. Select 'IMAP' and also make sure that IMAP is set for incoming and SMTP is set for outgoing. Click on Done.


5. Till now all your Gmail emails are now imported in Thunder bird. See the image below. Your Gmail id will appear in the left side.

Thunder bird


Click on your Gmail id to expand it. You can see now all the labels like inbox, drafts,sent mail etc. which you usually see in your Gmail.


Deleting account from Thunder bird

If for any reason you want to delete your Gmail account from Thunder bird, then follow the below process.

1. Click on your Gmail id on the left side of the page. Can you see in the image the Gmail id with blue back ground  on the top-left side? Yes, you have to click on that.



2. Now under Advance Features, click Offline Settings. A new page opens up. In the bottom click on the Account Actions tab, the select the option 'Remove account' to remove the account.


Screenshot from 2015-11-17 00:41:10


This is it with the tutorial How to import your Gmail in Thunder bird.

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