Msvcp 110.dll is Missing from your Computer Error How to fix

Msvcp 110.dll error

Msvcp 110.dll is Missing from your Computer. This is the error which haunted my PC for many days. This is the most common problem faced by Windows OS users.

I will be very true here that I have faced this problem number of times as I have a habit of experimenting my PC by adding new programs and hardwares. However in the end I manage to solve this issue.

I will tell you the steps to resolve the Msvcp 110.dll is Missing from your Computer issue.

I followed the same steps and I able to solve the problem. I hope it will solve your  "Msvcp 110.dll is Missing from your Computer"   error problem too.

Lets see what are these steps.


Step 1. Check your Recycle Bin

First of all check your recycle bin. If you have accidentally deleted the msvcp 110.dll file from your computer then you are likely to get this error "msvcp.dll is missing". I suggest you to check the recycle bin. If you find msvcp110.dll file there, then just restore it. It will solve your problem.  

Step 2. Reinstall the program

The same time you are getting the error, you will see a dialog box appearing, which suggests you to reinstall the program. So reinstall the program to solve the problem. Reinstall the program and restart your system.  

Step 3. Scan your computer for viruses and malware

Another reason which can cause the problem are viruses and malware. Make a full scan of your computer with your anti-viruses. If the problem exists because of the viruses or malware, removing the virus completely from your system will definitely solve the problem. You should have a good anti virus installed on your system.  

Step 4. Download Visual C++

There is a chance that your msvcp110.dll file has become corrupted. Download Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio on your system to replace the corrupted msvcp .dll file. I suggest you to download Visual C++ Redistributable only from the Microsoft official websites.  

Step 5. Restore your system to earlier point

If the error is due to some fresh installlation of softwares, you can restore your system to an earlier point. I have seen, in many cases it solves the problem. I am assuming here that you know how to restore your system to an earlier point.  

Step 6. Install Windows update

Installing Windows update never resolved my PC issue. However I am including this steps because it might solve your PC error problem. Installing Windows update is not going to harm your PC. So you can try updating Windows.  

Step 7. Use registry cleaner

You can use registry cleaner to remove unnecessary entries from registry. There are many free registry cleaner program available. You can use them to clean the registry. Many a time the problems are just due to these unclean registry. However, many of the free registry cleaner available may not be good enough to resolve your system issue. I would like to suggest you to purchase and install CCleaner Professional Registry cleaner to clean unnecessary registry entry. It is the most popular PC cleaning and optimization solution. Some of its great features are as follows.

  • Protects privacy and makes your computer fast and secure
  • Fewer errors and crashes
  • Quicker startup
  • Award Winning PC Optimization

It is really very fast and I able to resolve the msvcp 110.dll file missing problem with this.  

Step 8. Repair your Windows Installation

Repairing your Windows OS is one of the best choice if the problem is due to some corrupted Windows file. If you have the Windows installation CD with you, insert it in your CD drive and select repur computer.  

Step 9. Reinstall your Windows OS.

Ultimately when everything fails, you need to do fresh installation of your Windows OS. Fresh installation will definitely solve missing msvcp110.dll file error. However, if the problem still persist I will suggest you to consult a computer hardware specialist as the problem might exist due to any hardware malfunctioning.   Good luck!!  with resolving Msvcp 110.dll is Missing  error,

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