How BitTorrent actually works to give you a HAPPY DOWNLOAD

How BitTorrent actually works
How BitTorrent actually works

How BitTorrent actually works

I have undoubtedly used BitTorrent number of times to download movies, videos and other files. I was always curious about how actually this thing works. So I did a bit research on the internet what actually works behind BitTorrent and why this thing is so popular among tech geeks. Here I want to be very clear that this post is not a tutorial at all.. This is just a  informative post for those guyz who are curious about the fact working behind it Lets learn its tricks. No doubt about that internet is full of information about BitTorrent, but trust me some of the sites will make you so confuse that you wouldn't even want to learn about it in the future. So, This is a post just to make you learn the thing BitTorrent in a much simpler way.  

Two popular terms of BitTorrent

Before I dwell on, let me make you familiar with the two most important terms of BitTorrent world.

1. Peering
The word peer has taken from peer to peer networking technology(P2P). In peer to peer technology many users are allowed to share and access files, videos, games, pictues etc. In the peering technology, the software searches for the other computer connected with the peer to peer network(P2P) to find its content. For example - Suppose there are about 1000 users connected to a P2P network. Among 1000 users there is one user searching for a particular content, this one user search for the content won't stop until it searches all the 999 users connected to the same P2P network. This is how peering works.

 2. Seeding
Seeding is when you let your file open to distribute it to others even if your download gets finished. Seeding is really helpful for other users when they try to download the same file. In this way peer can connect to the seeder for easy and high speed download.  

What is BitTorrent?

It is one of the best communication protocol to share files, music and videos over the internet. BitTorrent is very fast and stable. You should have any BitTorrent client installed on your computer for sending and receiving files. Some of the most popular clients are

I am sure if you are a download geek you must have used  μTorrent client. It's very popular among all users as its very easy to use. If you use torrent, learn how to speed up bittorrent

How really it works?

It works on exchanging small pieces of file with everyone who peers. Let me explain you in a bit more simple way. When you try to download any video file or any movies on BitTorrent you are actually peering. You get unique pieces of the same file from other users who are seeding, this makes it very fast as you are getting indirect help from other users who are downloading the same file. Unknowingly you are also helping other users when your download gets finished, that is when your downloaded file seeds.. The longer you let your files to seed the more it help other users to download.  

What is unique about BitTorrent?

  • The amazing thing about BitTorrent is that it sends unique pieces of file to everyone, no copy of the same piece are sent again.
  • BitTorrent first chooses to send the most rarest piece available,  because the other common pieces will be easily available at the end.
  • When your file is seeding in the BitTorrent client, then your file as a seeder look for the peers who has the utmost uploading speed, then the seeds decides to send the file to that uploader as it can help to send the pieces to other peers in a very high speed

Latest in BitTorrent ( Sync )

Recently a very cool feature has added to BitTorrent, its called Bittorrent Sync This added feature would be specially very beneficial for the employees as they will have the option to share their folders throughout the network in an encrypted way.
This new Sync Peer To Peer App has the ability to encrypt your folder while you transfer it on the network.

With this new Sync app you will have the authority of creating a encrypted folder and keeping all your files into it. All your files will be very secure as it will also be encrypted inside the folder. You will be given with three keys to use the folder. They are as follows.

a) Read-Only Key-With this key peer can only access the file, read the file but not able to modify it.
b) Read-Write Key-This key will allow the peer to access the file as well as modify its content.
c) Encrypted Key-In this peer can only receive the file but unable to modify and access.

Sync is available in Mobile, Desktop and other platforms. It is supported in Windows, MAC and Linux.
Download Sync.


Image credit: CollegeDegrees360 of flickr


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